Founding the Cornerstone Project

Robert and Kathy Davis are the founders of The Cornerstone Project. Robert is a Life Groups and Missions pastor for Life.Church NWOKC and Kathy currently teaches Freshman Leadership at Piedmont High School.

This vision for The Cornerstone Project has been in process for over twenty years when we talked of a ministry that would build individuals, families and communities in a way that God would use to open hearts to His great love for them and for the life He has purposed.  Our background is in the camping industry.  There we saw how God used everyday community in the beauty of His creation to forge unbreakable bonds, encourage the downtrodden, and help people gain and value an eternal perspective.  Since leaving that industry we have often talked about how God might use our past experiences to create this welcoming, unconditional atmosphere in other areas of our lives and in communities. 

Our first efforts at this came about through a summer camp program called FAST Camp where we partnered with City Care to run a day camp for inner city youth.  Through this we felt God leading us to a specific community and two years ago wrote for and were awarded a grant to implement the evidenced-based program, Strengthening Families.  As we wrote for that grant, we realized the words on the paper were words we had spoken years before as a prayer to God. At that time we called it “The Cornerstone Project” and so, we applied with that ministry name in mind. We know God has asked us to maintain a loose grasp on this ministry so that He can accomplish all He desires.  Our dream is overwhelming to us, BUT GOD....   We hope to establish pockets of TCP in every impoverished area of OKC and then to expand to other cities.  One aspect of our ministry involves taking our families on retreat (which we do yearly) to a place where God's creation soothes the hearts, minds and souls of those who attend.  Leaving the hustle and stress of everyday life behind and relaxing in the beauty of His creation allows individuals to rest, relax and more readily hear His voice.  It creates opportunity for them to know intimately the God who has left the ninety-nine to rescue the one.  Ultimately, we would like to locate and possibly purchase a facility where Cornerstone families and their mentors can come from all over the state (maybe even nation) to rest in Him and be renewed for His purpose in their lives, for the lives of their families and for their communities; and then return to their communities with a passion for reaching the lost and disenfranchised through unconditional love and relationship building.  We hope this program and facility will open opportunity for employment of those who participate in the program and are interested.  This year one of our moms, who went through the curriculum certification, is teaching our parent group and is being paid monthly to do so.  It has been faith building to see how God is shaping us and what we do.  Our biggest dream is to be used by God for His purpose.  We are humbled and beyond thankful.

Robert and Kathy Davis


Mission Statement

The Cornerstone Project is dedicated to the spiritual, physical, and mental growth of youth and their families by strengthening relationships and personal life skills, in a safe, fun, and Christ-centered environment. 

We are passionate about strengthening families and communities.