Improving The Way We Serve

At The Cornerstone Project, we know that families are changed when we come together as a community and give them the skills they need to succeed. In order to explain what we do, showcase Strengthening Families, and share ways that people can become involved, we partnered with an Oklahoma web design company to develop a new, user-friendly website. We made this decision to simplify:

  • Signing up for Strengthening Families
  • Registering for events and retreats
  • Mentoring or volunteering
  • Donating items and funds

You can also celebrate the success of others with our Stories Page and learn what The Cornerstone Project means to the participants.

Additionally, users will be able to keep up with the calendar of events and plan their schedules. With our blog, we hope to share the joys of our program. We hope that you will get to know our staff and volunteers as they help families grow stronger.

We hope that you enjoy the look of our website and find everything easy to use. Check in periodically to see our latest blogs. If you have any questions or want to learn more about our programs, please contact us.