"My Name is Nadeea. I am the mother of 3 Lovely Boys. My oldest son, Jym, is 9 years old and in the 4th Grade; middle son, Rym is 8 years old and in the 2nd Grade, and youngest son, Kaylen is 3 years old.

Thanks to Abi Ruth who came to my residence to invite me to The Cornerstone Project.The Cornerstone Project is a great program where my family and I met lots of wonderful families and most helpful volunteers with positive learning environments. Amazing people and their warm welcome made my family very comfortable. I am extremely grateful to the team of The Cornerstone Project, and special thanks to Miss Abi Ruth; I appreciate all her hard work. It was a beautiful journey, and Strengthening Families curriculum program was very helpful for me and my children. I had a great opportunity to learn best practices from other parents.The Cornerstone Project/program impacted my children a lot! They loved joining the class every week, and never missed any classes. It was easy to see they loved The Cornerstone Project. My children have learned so much from this project including a knowledge of God. The Cornerstone Project influenced me and my children to walk with God. I am grateful to be a part of The Cornerstone Project and look forward to joining the next Project.