Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families course that The Cornerstone Project offers is an invaluable resource for every family. The evidence-based training program has helped people throughout the United States and around the globe. The purpose of the course is to develop parenting skills and grow family relationships, which improves how parents treat their children. For children, participating in Strengthening Families can result in better academic performance and increased social skills as well as decreased drug abuse, alcohol abuse, misconduct, and problematic behavior.

We have leaders who have been trained and certified to lead this curriculum. We currently host our program at Tulakes Elementary School. During this fourteen-week program, we offer a meal each week for the whole family. As a reward for those who complete the course, we also take the entire group on a weekend retreat. Click here to sign up for our Strengthening Families Program.



Building Connection

The call to this kingdom work has been very much a rhythm of doing life together in community. We meet people, listen to them talk, share our lives.

Sitting down to meals has created a true connection and an extended family atmosphere, which is beginning to build a bridge to replace the roadblock. Just as roadblocks stop people on both sides, bridges allow interaction and that interaction brings growth and understanding.  God is teaching all of us to love one another and look to Him for truth. He is using The Cornerstone Project to strengthen families and build up individuals through consistent love on both sides of this ministry - we are all participants and recipients.